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Sports Betting?

I need help finding a strategy that I can use on this sports betting website. Here is how it works, lets take baseball for example, you enter a contest and there are numerous groups containing several baseball players in each group like about six. You select ONE player from each group. Based on how well he does in the game is how well you do. The better players are with each other in a group like arod,utley,chipper jones, and pujols. You only pick the players for ONE day of baseball action. Please help me find a strategy that I can use to be successful.

Question posted by: MJ#1

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One Response to “Sports Betting?”

  1. brettj666 Says:

    FYI, Sports and gambling places pay BIG money to the mathematicians and statisticians to ensure the house has the odds in all circumstances.

    Outside of luck, your best bet (literally) is not to play.

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