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Sports Betting Champ – How Does It Work? Making money online with sports betting is easy, especially when a Statistics Doctorate and betting professional does all the work. All you do is open your email, place your bets and win 97% of your bets. No sports or sports betting knowledge needed. Find out more…Visit:

Video posted by: dravmart8

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14 Responses to “Sports Betting Champ – How Does It Work?”

  1. wuhaoakqj Says:

    hey guys!This is the Betfair Referral Code: JEKR46YRJ
    Go and get £25 free bets ! good luck! absolutely free!

  2. icarrickrock Says:

    House always wins?

  3. erulko Says:

    There is not sure system. if u wanna beat bookie u have to act like bookie, put 6-8 hours work, place bets, make research, watch lines and get infos about game. And play singles only!!! Then u wil make profit which should be enough to fee u and your family.
    There are plenty free sites with lot of picks like libertypicks and more, no need to pay dime

  4. marcolino54321 Says:

    guys!!! OMFG!!! what the fuck you talking about stay away.You wanna know the result for this mlb season it was 5 (and not 4)losses and 59 wins .Now you may think thats great result.Ha!Thats why im here.The system is based on recupering your losses after each loss.You made three bets each time you need.A B C bet .The averege odds for his pick are 1,5$ so if you start at 100 to win 50 you end at 900$ at C.Its 6500$ loss plus 3000 win thats make 3500 loss.The new stats of 39 wins 0 losses is scam.

  5. rockhardsolid1 Says:

    I have and im not kiddng it works. Its not neccesarily the first bet you win on, its a series based system. check it!

  6. trackstar272727 Says:

    great job timoz! have fun in hawaii…

    great system!!

  7. timoz06 Says:

    G,day guys, I’ve been using this system since the beginning of the mlb season, and this really does work. I looked at the website for a long time and watched his results climb, one of the decision I’ve ever made. trip to hawaii soon cant wait!.

  8. mycess79 Says:

    have you actually used this sports betting champ system? does it really work? i was thinking about investing with this system

  9. ddalybebo Says:

    in the last week iv won only 1 and lost 3, thanks a bunch,

  10. sportsBet10 Says:

    video responses are good

  11. trackstar272727 Says:

    if anyone has any questions about this site just pm me and I will let you know everything you need to know

  12. mikeys12 Says:

    hahahahaha 97%

  13. swerv95 Says:

    how many games a day of baseball does he give you?

  14. kellyryan028 Says:

    I wanted to leave a quick note that this is a very impressive video. Hats off to you.

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