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Whats the difference between Pro-Line and betting?

People got into trouble for betting on games like Wayne Gretzky’s wife last year and another was charged today with a 15month jail sentence. So why do they get into troble for betting on games? why is betting illegial?

Video posted by: Tomi YO!

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2 Responses to “Pro-Line and betting”

  1. mr.longshot Says:

    It’s like the Pete Rose deal.. You can’t bet on sports if your involved with the out come. That dude that was sentenced to 15 months today was a NBA ref.. Had tons of money bet on the games he was calling.. Only 15 months.. He’s luky!!

  2. Potsie Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    Proline is run by the Canadian government and frankly it is a ripoff for the player. Wanye Gretzky’s wife never got into any legal trouble as a result of that investigation. Rick Tocchett did though, because HE was running the gambling ring, not just a bettor. Bettors are almost never prosecuted unless like Rose and the NBA ref, they are directly involved in the games they are wagering on! Historically there have never been charges brought against regular sports bettors, online or offline.

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