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Master Chief Sucks at Sports Betting

The sequel to master chief sucks at going to the movies.

Video posted by: Zombamazomba

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Comments & Feedback on "Master Chief Sucks at Sports Betting"

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14 Responses to “Master Chief Sucks at Sports Betting”

  1. Zombamazomba Says:

    thanks, one of my first

  2. medalofhonorheroes77 Says:

    i have some ideas for the next season, 4.

  3. medalofhonorheroes77 Says:

    the bush doll made me luagh. this vid is in my favorites. great video

  4. thetank763 Says:

    this vid was funny two thumbs

  5. shnab Says:

    wiews = 1337 cool xD

  6. jayive34 Says:

    its sad that ur vid r not most kwownd

  7. supermagedude Says:

    master chief rulez

  8. Theo13O5 Says:

    master chief: lolololololbitch, i love that part!

  9. jayive34 Says:

    I love th master chief sucks at serie. make laugh every time

  10. Theo13O5 Says:


  11. ninjaadventures Says:

    Plumbing ftw.

  12. daweller Says:

    Hi masterchief,
    Your advice has served me for many years, and in that time I have netter about $312.65 in winnings!
    However I have a complaint. Recently I bet of the Colts to beat the Patiots, and well, I lost my life savings of $1045.88 🙁
    So I took your advice, and found out which on of my friends had some money… and I held them up with a .50 cal Desert Eagle handgun
    The cops came and I was naked with my ginch on my head.

  13. neckpain7 Says:

    The Cockroach thing was funny too.

    “Damn You!” “Get back here you bastard!”

  14. neckpain7 Says:

    You hold the guys family hostage? weird.
    This was better than the going to the movies one that you made.

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