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What is a good site for online sports betting and how does it work exactly?

Well im 20 years old…I bet with my friends…I want to try online betting..small numbers maybe 100 dollars maximum id throw down…I was just wondering what is a good site to use and how exactly does it work?

Do I have to take money out of my bank account and put it in their account? Do you always get paid if you win?

I am totally new to it all.

Question posted by: Hunter

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6 Responses to “Good site for online sports betting”

  1. GamblingMaster Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    You can find all that info here
    Basically when you deposit into these sites, they keep your money in wallet, you use them to bet, you can withdraw to your bank account or using other method

  2. Rated Picks.Com Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    A good place to start would be

    They list all the sports books and give them grades on how well they pay and the lines they give. A+ books are the ones you want to do business with, and stay away from anything with a C or below grade.

    Welcome to the most profitable way to gamble. You can make a living of sports gambling if done right.

  3. mr.longshot Says:

    Website content

    Go to there. They give you a dollar and when you build it up to 200 bucks you can cash it in. If you loose the buck they give ya another one.. over and over.
    If you do Sign up? Mention me “MoonDancer” I get a kick back..

  4. Craig C Says:

    Caffeinated Content – Members-Only Content for WordPress

    My favourite sites are Bet365 and Betfair. They offer fantastic start up offers and a wide range of markets. Check out my site to find out more and grab some FREE betting tips why your there.

  5. Freda Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    If you’re seraching for online sports betting sites or perhaps online casino betting then it will be better if you go for any review site. Review sites gives you unbiased information. I have came across one site that offered me essential information online poker and other games. So you can also try the same site. It is.
    Check out the site and i hope you get your answer…Good luck friend

  6. Steve Smith Says:

    Your post about the latest online sports betting sites was very useful and the tips which you offered were worth reading. I am sure that everyone will benefit from these. I also own one sports betting site on which anyone can bet on their favorite sports and win a lot of money in return.

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