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Sports Betting is illegal in India but is it illegal to bet on sports with a legal bookmaker outside India? Sports betting in India until the date is a crime, but it is also illegal to bet with (say) Ladbrokes Betfair or corridors that are legal in the United Kingdom. Video posted by: Hell Rasier

Whats the difference between Pro-Line and betting? People got into trouble for betting on games like Wayne Gretzky’s wife last year and another was charged today with a 15month jail sentence. So why do they get into troble for betting on games? why is betting illegial? Video posted by: Tomi YO!

Sports Betting Top Handicappers For NCAA and NBA Games – an article by Chris G. Sports betting is a popular pastime among many sports fanatics and others who are looking for thrills. Instead of betting on casino games, whether live or online, many people prefer betting on sports games because they offer more exciting factors, […]

What are the lines of betting for the Super Bowl? Amanda R asked:I’m having a party and want to play some betting games but I’m having troubles reading some of the betting websites. I want to know the over/under for field goals, touchdowns, total yards, passing yards, rushing yards. Anything will help. Thank you. This […]

Demand for Sports Betting – an article by Fransis Rodrigues Have you ever tried betting on the outcome of a sporting event? Sports are a great source of entertainment for people of all ages. No matter which is your favorite sport game the excitement and the anxiety that it creates is just difficult to express. […]

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