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Does anyone know a good site where you can simulate sports betting? I would like a site who give money prizes for your sport picks. The site has to be world-wide available and give the prizes where ever you live. Video posted by: just_marcel If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my […]

        Find out how College basketball betting differs from the NBA, and how to adjust your betting to suit this College Basketball Betting by Sebastien Veilleux It’s all about March Madness. The rush of excitement. The thrill of victory. The crushing agony of defeat. However, first teams must play out a full season before being […]

Betting on sporting events with friends is it legal or illegal in the USA? I dont mean the kind of online betting, I mean like 2 guys that are friends and they place a $1000 bet on a game. Can I be arrested for doing that if cops found out about it? What I mean […]

I need some sports betting advice. What is a good site for baseball wagering picks? James R asked:I had the darn Brewers tonight and lost again. I need some advice that knows something about baseball. I am a fan, but I can’t pick it to save my life. This question powered by Yahoo! Answers

Sports betting in Vegas through a wesite? Is there a good (legal) website to place sports bets in Vegas? I overheard someone talking about making Vegas NFL bets on a wesite. I didn’t think you could that. Question posted by: searcher This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

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